T&L Staff

Welcome to the Teaching and Learning staff contact page.

Name Title Phone
 Breanna Powell  Theme Reader  425.413.3400
 Bridget Vannice  Instructional Coach - STMS / 6-12 SS Specialist  
 Carole Witruk  Executive Assistant  425.413.3430
 Chris Everett  Coordinator - Art/HiCap/New Teachers  425.413.3473
 Christine Thurston  Elem Technology Coach/Early Learning Coordinator  425.413.3442
 Cindy Krause  Theme Reader  425.413.3400
 Dawn Wakeley  Executive Director  425.413.3430
 Emilie Hard  Director of Equity  425.413.3478
 Emily Coleman  Instructional Coach - Elementary, RCES/SLES  
 Ian Maver  Instructional Coach - Elementary, GPES/TES  
 Jennifer Allen  Administrative Assistant  425.413.3425
 Jen Hassmann  Instructional Coach - Secondary, THS  425.413.3465
 Jessie Lewis  Student Information Systems Coordinator  425.413.3458
 Karen Jenkins  State Assessment Coordinator  425.413.3428
 Karli Gordulan  Instructional Coach-Elementary, RCES/SLES    425.413.3481
 Kimberly Allison  Instructional Technology & Future Ready Skills Coord  425.413.3480
 Kristin Conklin  Instructional Coach - Elementary,  CRES/LWES  425.413.3464
 Krystal Jordan  Secretary - Science Kit Refills  425.413.3400
 Kyndahl Carlson  Administrative Assistant - Purchaser  425.413.3427
 Lindsay Henry  Instructional Coach - Elementary, CRES/LWES  
 Maret Unruh Assistant Director  
 Matt Brashears  Instructional Coach - MVMS / 6-12 ELA Specialist

 Melissa Rhymes  Student Data Coordinator  425.413.3419
 Patty Kiffer  Instructional Coach - Elementary,  GPES/TES  425.413.3471
 Renae Hanson  Instructional Coach - Elementary Math  425.413.3441
 Shannon Heckelsmiller  Science Coordinator, K-12  425.413.3460
 Shelly Huylar  Literacy Specialist - Elementary  425.413.3423
 Susan Ford  Instructional Coach - Secondary Math  
 Teresa Mjelde  Assessment Specialist  425.413.3463
 Tiffaney Martin  Math Specialist, Elementary  425.413.3462
 Toni Ashley  District Assessment Coordinator  425.413.3429
 Tracy Krause  Health & Fitness Specialist, K-12  425.413.3472

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