Curriculum Review In Process

Curriculum Review In Process
Posted on 01/24/2024

District course design and core instructional materials are periodically reviewed to ensure alignment with state law, state and district teaching and learning standards, and research-based best practices. We work to ensure all students receive high quality instruction and know that high quality instructional materials support teachers in achieving that outcome.

Review committees are composed of district subject area coordinators, teacher leaders and, as appropriate, external content area experts. Review of existing course design includes:

  • Relevance, rigor, and alignment to state learning standards
  • Alignment and balance across college and career pathways and Future Ready Skills
  • Content area vision, goals, frameworks and pacing guides
  • Efficacy of core, alternative core, and intervention instructional materials that support student learning
  • Processes and resources used to assess student progress and address teacher professional learning

As part of the review process, materials are screened with the top resources being comprehensively evaluated and scored. In this process the final resources are then made available for 30 days for community review and written input. Final scoring by the team results in a recommended resource which then goes to the instructional materials committee.

The Instructional Materials Committee (IMC) reviews the process of the content area tem, any materials with the potential to be objectionable to the community, and the cost:benefit ratio in the recommendation. The instructional materials committee then recommends the core materials to be used to the school board for adoption.

The IMC is facilitated by Teaching & Learning staff and members include teachers, instructional coaching staff, special services representatives, parents, students, and a district or building administrator. 

While we are not currently seeking additional Tahoma parent or community members, we do keep a running list of people interested in this opportunity. Time commitment is ~ 2 hr meetings every other month with additional time investment necessary in reviewing resources when there are active reviews in process. Members should be committed to at least two years of service. Meetings are in-person at our district Central Services Center. 

Form for Interest in Serving on the IMC

Materials in Review in the Current School Year

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