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The Tahoma School District is proud to offer comprehensive educational services for children ages birth to five years. 

Our program includes educational services for children with disabilities in the areas of communication, motor development, self-help, social skills and/or cognitive development as well as preschool programs for children in the community.

Program services for children with special needs include those with diagnosed disabilities such as autism, Down’s Syndrome, visual impairments, hearing impairments and other physical conditions such as cerebral palsy. 

If you are aware of a preschooler with a possible delay in his/her development who may benefit from participation in one of our programs, please call our Child Find Screening and Referral Line at 425-413-3579.

Lake Wilderness Elementary Early Childhood Programs:

  • Early Childhood Educational Assistance (ECEAP)
    ECEAP is an early childhood educational program that provides free preschool education, health and nutrition services and family support to eligible children and their families. The programs are funded by Washington State and are meant to serve children in foster care or have parents with limited incomes who are working or are in school. The majority of children enrolled in ECEAP are four years old by August 31st.

  • Special Education Preschool
    Tahoma School District Early Childhood Programs are designed to offer a continuum of services in an effort to meet individual developmental needs and include the following services.

    Birth to Three Services:

    Tahoma School District currently contracts with neighboring birth to three centers to provide services for those individuals with disabilities ages birth to three years living within school district boundaries. When children turn three they become eligible to participate in school district programs.

    Therapy Services Only:

    Individuals or small group services are provided to eligible children who can make progress in one or two developmental areas when provided with one to two therapy sessions a week.

    Developmental Preschool:

    Programs provide high quality early childhood environments where activities are designed by special education teachers and therapists to meet the individual needs of students. Typically developing students, from the community are included in many of the programs.

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