English Language Learners - ELL

The Tahoma School District ELL (English Language Learner) program helps students bridge the gap between their home language and English, so that they can access core instruction in their classrooms. Our goal is for every family to feel welcome and in partnership with their child's education in Tahoma School District.

Over the next three school years, we will develop a systemic plan to further our staff's cultural awareness. In upcoming years, we will provide a cultural parent panel for our school community (students & families included) to engage in discussion and planning on a larger scale. Student leaders and/or former ELL students will take a role in moderating discussions and planning meaningful student cultural events.

We currently have one district coordinator, one full-time secondary ELL teacher, one half-time elementary ELL teacher, two secondary ELL paraeducators, and six elementary ELL paraeducators. In the fall of 2017, Tahoma had more than 375 students who spoke another language, with 31 languages represented.
In our elementary schools, we offer two kinds of services. "Push-in" happens when an ELL staff member goes into the student's classroom and works with them on specific tasks. The student does not leave the room. Pull out services happen when students leave the classroom and go to the ELL room to work on skill gaps that would not be appropriate in the classroom setting.
At both middle schools, we offer an ELL STRETCH option and a class period option for ELL students. Students are selected for each option based on their most current ELPA21 annual data.

At the high school, we offer a class period option and a push-in option. Students are selected for each option based on their most current ELPA21 annual data. Students with data that is high across the four domains of the assessment are part of a push-in model, which means that an ELL staff member will support them in their English Language Arts, science and/or social studies classes depending on time and availability for each grade level.

Our program offers
Screening for services: The screener helps us determine the student's proficiency level in English. If they qualify, the parent will receive a notification of services, and will begin to receive services from a staff member at their school.
Translation services: We assist with arranging translations for conferences, IEP meetings, or problem-solving meetings. In essence, any need the parent has related to their child's education, we are glad to support.

Here are several additional documents:
Home Language Survey and the parent notification we send home after the student has been screened and shows they qualify for services.

Language Line Quick Reference Guide, a service that teachers have the option of using to communicate with families.

If you have any specific questions about ELL services at your child's school, please reach out to the K-12 ELL Coordinator or a staff member at your child's school. Contact information is below.

katie Edwin Torres Jacquii Jimenez Kristy Kuraspediani
Katie Anthis
K-12 ELL Coord.
Tahoma School Dist.
425-413-3290 x9082
Rachelle Lambro
Cedar River Elem.
ELL Paraeducator
Jacquii Jimenez
Glacier Park Elem.
ELL Paraeducator
Kristy Kuraspediani
Lake Wilderness Elem.
ELL Teacher
Trisha Nikki Anna Tara
Trisha Prets
Lake Wilderness Elem.
ELL Paraeducator
Niki Facer
Rock Creek Elem.
ELL Paraeducator


Anna Treetippayarak
Shadow Lake Elem.
ELL Paraeducator


Tara McCabe
Tahoma Elementary
ELL Paraeducator
Angelita Treena Lisa  
Angelita Thayer
Summit Trail MS
and Tahoma HS
ELL Paraeducator
Treena Fritsch
Maple View MS
ELL Paraeducator
Lisa Oswald
Maple View MS,
Summit Trail MS,
and Tahoma HS
ELL Teacher
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