2024 Levy Renewals


Levy Renewals 2024

Local school levies close the funding gap between state and federal funds, and the actual cost to run our programs and staff our schools.

The Tahoma School District is proposing two replacement levies to voters this February to continue fully funding our local schools.

Revenues by source 2022-23

Levies Close the Funding Gap

Washington State provides funding to K-12 public school districts for “basic education.” Many educational and extracurricular programs, staff, services and technology that Tahoma provides its students are unfunded or not fully funded by the state or other sources. Local levies close the funding gap.

Seventeen percent (17%) of Tahoma’s general fund revenue came from local sources during the 2022-23 school year. About 85% of Tahoma’s expenditures go toward staff salaries, wages and benefits. A loss of levy funds would mean significant reductions in staff, programs and services for students.

What's on the Feb. 13 ballot?

What will the levy renewals cost?

Replacement Educational Programs & Operations (EP&O) Levy

If approved by voters, the maximum collection for the replacement EP&O levy would be $58,012,034 over two years (2025: $28,265,963 / 2026: $29,746,071). The annual estimated levy rate for property owners would be $2.50 per $1,000 of assessed valuation (AV), as determined by the King County Assessor’s office.

Replacement Technology Capital Projects Levy

If approved by voters, the collection for the replacement technology levy would be $9,376,733 over two years (2025: $4,476,432 / 2026: $4,900,301). The annual estimated levy rate for property owners would be approximately $0.405 per $1,000 of AV (2025: $0.40 / 2026: $0.41), as determined by the King County Assessor’s office.

Calculate Your Own Local School Taxes

Property taxes are estimated at a "rate per $1,000" of assessed value (AV). To calculate your local school district taxes, divide your property’s assessed value by $1,000 then multiply by the projected tax rate. The combined projected tax rates for 2025 and 2026  (for the two proposed replacement levies + repayment of the 2013 voter-approved bond) can be found in the table below.

Local tax calcuation

Projected Local School Taxes for the Average Homeowner in TSD Boundaries

The table below is an example of how the average homeowner will see their taxes change from 2024 (last collection year of current levies) through the proposed replacement levies collection (2025–26). The “Projected Rate” column includes both the proposed replacement levy rates and repayment of the outstanding 2013 voter-approved bond.

Tax estimation

To view your property tax statement, visit the King County Assessor's website .

King County has several tax relief programs, including for seniors, property owners with disabilities, property owners on a limited income and more. Learn more at the King County Assessor's Tax Relief webpage .

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