Dress Code

Board Policy 3224:

The student and parent may determine the student's personal dress and grooming standards, provided that the student's dress and grooming do not lead school officials to reasonably believe that such dress or grooming shall present a health or safety hazard, create a material and substantial disruption of the educational process, or promote, advertise, or encourage behavior or convey messages contrary to valid pedagogical purposes or the district's educational mission.The following standards are established to provide guidance to students:

  • Clothing and/or accessories displaying or making reference to alcohol, illicit drugs, or tobacco or clothing displaying profane, vulgar, discriminatory or sexual language or pictures shall not be worn.
  • Apparel, accessories, or manner of grooming which evidences gang membership, affiliation, or promotion thereof is prohibited.
  • Hats and/or other head gear (i.e., scarves, hoods on sweatshirts, bandannas, sunglasses) shall not be worn in the school building during the school day. (Hats and head gear of students in violation of this standard will normally be confiscated and sent to the school office where they may be returned to the student at the end of the school day. In the case of repeated violations, the confiscated items may be kept in the school office until the end of the semester.)
  • Attire which exposes the torso (i.e., halter tops, tank tops, see-through clothing and clothing that does not cover undergarments) is not appropriate school wear. Pants will be worn at waist level even if the body is covered by a shirt.
  • Jewelry and other accessories or clothing which may present a safety hazard or danger to the welfare of self or others shall not be worn (including wallet chains and spiked accessories).
  • Spandex clothing worn as outerwear is not permitted during the instructional day.
  • Shorts must be fingertip in length and hemmed (not running shorts).
  • Shirts and blouses must be free from holes and pants must not be cut or have holes above mid-thigh.

Exceptions may be made to one or more of these standards by the building administrator on a case-by-case basis for physical education classes, students with disability-related needs, students with bona fide religious dress requirements, and consideration given to the physical and social development level of students.The building administrator, in cooperation with the sponsor, coach, or other person in charge of an extracurricular activity, may regulate the dress and grooming of students who participate in an activity if the building administrator reasonably believes that the student's dress or grooming:

  • Creates a hazard to the student's safety or to the safety of others; and/or
  • Prevents, interferes with or adversely affects the purpose, direction, or effort required for the activity to achieve its goals.

If the student's dress or grooming is objectionable under these provisions, the building administrator shall request the student to make the appropriate corrections. If the student refuses, the building administrator shall notify the parent/guardian. Students may be subject to corrective action, if circumstances so warrant. Students who violate provisions of the dress code relating to extracurricular activity for such period as the building administrator may determine. All students shall be accorded appropriate due process.

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